3/29/20: Employment Status, Health Insurance, 401k

Hi Toothers,

Things continue to move at lightning speed at our restaurants as we adapt to the new ‘normal’ – including the sometimes daily & hourly changes to operation. Thank you to all our Super Toothers for your patience and flexibility–you continue to impress us with your resilience, hard work, and willingness to adapt to changes in how we operate.  It’s because of you that we are weathering this storm with such class!

In order to continue functioning through these unprecedented times, we would like to share the following updates with everyone:

EMPLOYMENT STATUS – Some of you might be wondering, Am I still employed at the Tooth?  What is happening?  Well, the short answer is that we are still figuring out our staffing needs and who can be trained for what. If you are not currently getting any shifts, please continue to be patient. Many of you will be placed on ‘on-call’ status. This means that you will continue to be an active employee with the company; however, you might not get regular shifts or any shifts for the time being, but you will get back on the schedule as soon as we have shifts for you. You are still eligible for unemployment benefits if you are not scheduled for shifts (‘on-call’ status)  or are working reduced hours. If you are not currently working and are no longer interested in ‘on-call’ status, please contact Lisa/HR at 222-1560 or email freshalelisa@gmail.com so that we can move forward with separating employment.  

INSURANCE BENEFITS – Great news for everyone! All employees who are currently enrolled in health benefits CAN continue on our plan for the month of April.  This is true whether you are working any shifts or not. You will still receive the employer contribution and you will only be responsible for the employee premium amount that is normally deducted from your paycheck. If you are working less than 3 shifts per week and would prefer to cancel your benefits starting April 1st, please reach out to HR/Admin (aka Lisa or Andrea) ASAP to cancel coverage and discuss options. 222-1560 or email freshalelisa@gmail.com or andrea.bearmoose@gmail.com If you are not working enough shifts to have your portion of the premium deducted from your paycheck, you will need to reach out to the Accounting Dept to make payment at 222-1560 or email brooke.bearmoose@gmail.com or hayley.bearmoose@gmail.com 

 401K – Due to the ongoing COVID-19 suspension of dine-in revenue, we have decided to temporarily suspend 401(k) employer matching. Once we are able to resume normal business we will reassess and communicate any further changes. If you have a 401(k) plan and would like to reduce your contribution or temporarily stop contributing, email Brooke at brooke.bearmoose@gmail.com 

If you have questions about any of these updates, please feel free to reach out to your manager or call Admin/HR/Accounting at 222-1560. We are happy to help in any way we can. Thanks!