5/29/20: Staff Update

Tooth crew,

As we move forward with opening our dining rooms, it’s an exciting time to be greeting customers back into our spaces. For everyone who has worked through the last 2.5 months of To-Go only, thank you! We have managed to keep the businesses’ afloat, feed a hungry, scared and deeply appreciative public, and enjoy the challenges and camaraderie of doing business during hunker-down. Unfortunately, as the city opens up, and business continues to stay 40-65% below normal, we must carefully watch labor and costs. The COVID Bonus we have been able to offer for the last 2 months needs to be modified as we look to stay viable during this new reality. For the month of June, pay-rates and the meal plan will be as follows:

June 1st – June 30th

  • FOH (servers, cashiers, and support staff): Paid at regular Pre-Covid wage
  • BOH (cooks, prep, dish): Paid at regular Pre-Covid wage + $2/hour
  • Janitorial and all other hourly staff: Paid at Pre-Covid wage
  • Meal Plan: 75% off on-shift meal on up to $13.50 (increased from $7.50!) in pre-discounted food value
  • 6-packs: 25% off all of our canned beer products from Broken Tooth

Note: All $.25/hour raises received over the last 2.5 months are still applicable.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done so far – these are hard times and we have a long way to go. But as we’ve said before, the Moose and the Bear are as committed as ever to finding a sustainable business model and offering the best jobs and products in the community. We will always try to help in any way we can. Let’s find a way to the other side of this.


Peace and Love,
Rod and Warren