TOOTH COMPANY ACTION PLAN: Confirmed COVID-19 in the Workplace

Below are the procedures we have developed in the event of a Confirmed COVID-19 case in the workplace. We take your safety very seriously and will notify you immediately if you have been exposed to a health risk, based on CCD guidelines and our understanding of the situation. Although you may want to know everything, it is important to remember that we are obligated to protect the privacy of the people involved. We will not always be able to list out every detail and ask that you honor and respect the process. In return, we will continue to fight for your safety and job in the very real challenge of front-line work in Covid times. And of course, you may always contact a manager, HR, or myself (Rod) with questions and concerns. Be safe at work and play!!


 Step One: Isolate/Quarantine Infected Employee

The Confirmed COVID-19 employee will be instructed to remain at home until released by a medical provider or public health official. Once released, HR/GM/Owner(s) will determine whether the employee may return to work.  This decision will be based on the medical provider guidance in combination with CDC guidelines.  If a medical provider’s note releasing the employee is unavailable, HR/GM/Owner(s) will follow the CDC guidelines on when an employee may discontinue self-isolation and return to work 

Step Two: Conduct Contact Tracing To Identify Individuals In 6-15-48 of Infected Employee

After learning that one or more employees has Confirmed COVID-19, we will act quickly to identify all other employees who might have been exposed during the infectious period. We will ask the Confirmed COVID-19 employee to identify all individuals who fall in the “6-15-48” zone: those who worked in “close proximity” (within six feet) for a prolonged period of time (15 minutes or more) with the infected employee during the 48-hour period before the onset of symptoms.

Step Three: Notify Employees Who Were In Close Contact To Infected Employee

Using CDC guidance, we will notify all employees who worked in close proximity to the Confirmed COVID-19 employee that they may have been exposed and send them home for 14 days to ensure the infection does not spread. We will encourage these employees to contact their medical provider and get tested.

Step Four: Determine If The Location Or Department(s)/Areas Will Need To Temporarily Close For Cleaning, Update Operations if Needed 

If the Confirmed COVID-19 employee was in the establishment during their infectious period (starting 48 hours before symptom onset  or 48 hours before testing if asymptomatic), we may temporarily close a location or area/department before we begin CDC recommended cleaning and disinfecting. There are currently no federal or state requirements to close the establishment, but we may choose to do so depending on the situation. We will also determine if any updates need to be made to procedures and operations.    

Step Five: Clean And Disinfect The Workplace

We will follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting the workplace. The cleaning staff or a third-party sanitation contractor will clean and disinfect all areas (e.g., kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas) used by the ill person, focusing especially on frequently touched surfaces.

Step Six: Determine If Other Employees Should Be Notified

Following a confirmed COVID-19 case, and as recommended by the CDC, we will notify all employees who work in the location or area where the employee works of the situation. Notification will be done without revealing any confidential medical information, such as the name of the employee. We will also inform employees of the actions we have taken, including: requiring employees who worked closely with the infected worker to go home, any temporary closures or updated operations, as well as our sanitizing and cleaning efforts.